Used Technology Donation

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I pack my donation?  Please package your equipment in repurposed cardboard boxes, if available. Boxes should be no bigger than 20” wide x 20” high x 24” deep.  Boxes should also weigh less than 40 pounds when full so use multiple boxes to send in your donations if necessary.   Safely pack your items with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or recycled newspaper to prevent damage during shipping.  Do you have 10 or more boxes to ship or a large volume of electronics that need special packaging? Contact us about volume packaging and pick-up services at

How do I ship my donation? Save time and postage by printing the UPS shipping label that will be emailed to you immedaitely after you submit your donation.  You can arrange for pickup with UPS or drop it off at any UPS location. To find a UPS dropoff location near you, visit or call 800.742.5877.  You can also increase the donation amount we receive by paying for shipping cost instead of using the pre-paid label. 

What address do I mail my donation to?  If you want to increase your donation amount by paying for shipping yourself, please package your electronics, inlcude a not with your name & email, plus the name of our cause, and mail your package to:

CauseNetwork Foundation

F/B/O {Please enter the name of our cause here}

22 Canal Street, Suite #125

Somersworth, NH  03878

How do I maximize the amount of money my cause will receive from my donation?

1. Only donate and ship qualifying equipment - It costs money to properly dispose of equipment that cannot be economically resold, which reduces the amount of money that is donated to your cause.  Please recycle any electronics that do not qualify for this program rather than incurring additional shipping and handling costs that could have gone to your cause.

2. Include chargers, adapters, battery packs and all accessories for your devices - These increase the value of your donation when upcycled so please find and include any accessories you can find for your devices.

3. Video games must be in original packaging and not scratched - unpackaged and damaged games will incur handling costs since they will need to be disposed of, which reduces the amount of money donated to your cause.

How long will it take before I receive my tax-deductible receipt?  Most devices are upcycled in 30 to 60 days, and you will receive your receipt via email within 7 days of the sale. The more valuable the device, the faster it can be upcycled.  If a device has very low value, we will hold onto it until we can group it together with other similar devices that can be offered for bulk sale through liquidators - this can take up to 4 months.  If you device has no value and cannot by upcycled, we will let you know that as well.

What devices, model numbers and versions do you accept for donation?   On the donation form you will find a list of the devices that we accept for upcycling donation to your cause.  Next to each device you will see a red link title "Qualified Models".  If you click that link it will show you the specific models numbers that are accepted for donation.

Why don't you accept computers and printers?  We do accept most laptops and Mac computers, but used desktop computers, printers and monitors have resale value so small that we can't justify the shipping, handling and inspection costs to upcycle these devices. 

Will data left on my device be at risk of theft?  Will my donation be handled in an environmentally friendly way?   We chose Tradeport to handle our electronics donation program because they are an ISO 9001 certified company with a strong committment to data security and environmental consciousness.  Highlights are that they permanently delete all data from every device you submit, and they are also committed to maximizing the upcycling and/or recyclability of devices donated.  To learn more visit